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  • Ahalogy,  Summer 2013–2016
  • 39° 8′ 21.75″ N, 84° 26′ 36.9132″ W

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  • Identity
  • Branding


The Ahalogy Identity

We had a week. To change the name, the logo, everything.

The chance presented itself in the summer of 2013 to change the name of our young company. At the time the idea seemed fraught with peril, as new ideas which aren't your own so often start out sounding. But after sitting with it, the decision became an easy one.

What began as a simple way to help CPG brands on Pinterest became something bigger. This new brand needed to take a higher altitude. It needed to align itself with the job of connecting brands to independent publishers for better content marketing. It needed to house a marriage between new technology and old-fashioned client service, between the aesthetics of quality and the science of social discovery. Oh, and we need it by Friday.

There wasn't time for a well-documented process. There weren't rounds of revision and critique. There were pages of poorly sketched concepts which have long since been lost. There were coffee-fueled journals about what client service and human relationships mean to a technology startup. There were ruminations about the meaning of Futura. And then we had to ship something.

This is what we created then and, more importantly, have been refining since.

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