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  • Ahalogy,  2014–2016
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  • Product definition
  • Interaction patterns
  • Visual design
  • UI development


Everything for content marketing, all in one place

Ahalogy helps enterprise brand marketers connect with consumers via meaningful, data-driven content. Its platform, internally known as Aperture, is the top solution for brand content marketing on Pinterest.

Over my 3+ years at Ahalogy I, along with our small studio of brilliant product designers, designed every inch of this through three major versions.

Aperture makes a brand’s content marketing on Pinterest more efficient and more effective. Most tools just focus on scheduling content to post later, and only care about user efficiency. Ahalogy on the other hand, is in the business of improving a brand's results. The product must also address the efficacy of the content and its resonance with the audience.

Viewing the Content Network
Selecting a Pin to modify and post
Aperture Pin
Pinterest Pin

We even needed to redesign the display of Pins themselves, reorienting them from the jobs of the end users and towards those of publishers and brands. That meant things like seeing the full description, being able to scan a grid of Pins for specific partners, and easily linking to both Pinterest and the source.

Pins scheduled to post
Insights for better decisions

Beyond features like Pin creation and scheduled posting, we also built stuff like a scheduling algorithm to choose exactly which times to post content, and Liftwords, a predictive analytics feature that recommends how to modify the copywriting of a Pin to increase audience engagement. Plus there's Insights, designed explicitly to avoid being just another dashboard. Instead we included only those things that help the various folks on a brand or publisher's team to make easier, smarter marketing decisions.  

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