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  • Ahalogy,  Summer 2016
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  • Product definition
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  • Interaction patterns
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Data-driven trends and inspiration for content marketing

Muse is a new product from Ahalogy to inspire better content marketing. While working on Ahalogy's content marketing platform we continued to hear from brands that the job to be done Make it easier to create content that resonates with my audience was growing in importance, but nothing had been created to satisfy that job directly.

Creative agencies often can't bring the rigor that comes from large datasets, and social listening products—on top of being atrocious to use—are too myopic to be useful. Rather than focus on what folks find interesting, these products are oriented around the brand itself: Who's mentioned my brand? What's the sentiment of posts mentioning a specific term? Etc. Etc.

Muse is focused at that gap in the market: unearthing what themes and ideas are popular with a brand's audience, showing real-world visual examples of that trend, and making it easy to turn this insight into action as great content marketing. The product is in its formative days, but it's clear how disruptive Muse can be.

The icon I had nothing to do with. That great work was all Grace and Nick.
Viewing top content themes

By filtering through the firehose of Facebook content and interaction data, the product can surface themes trending with the brand's audience. Then it programmatically matches those with photos and articles from Ahalogy's network of content creators to show real world examples of that trend come to life. It's quantitative and qualitative evidence of a trend manifesting.

Charting popularity and showing visual inspiration
Take action on a compelling story easily

Once a brand has spotted a trend or topic worth posting content about, Muse lets them customize a PDF to share with their agency or internal teams for creating content. Or, using Ahalogy's Brandables product, the brand can work directly with the original creator of the story to have something similar made, tailored for the brand and its audience. With that, Muse makes it easy for consumer brands to spot, undertand, and take action on a trend in just one session.  

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