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  • Tomo,  Summer 2017
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Contributed to

  • Strategic Narrative
  • Sales Deck Narrative
  • Custom Sales Keynote Theme
  • Site Copywriting
  • Site Design
  • Site Development

Putting a new travel intelligence brand on the map

Tomo knows places—over 52 million of them around the world. They know details about those places like address, hours, parking options, and restaurant cuisines. They know the popularity of those places. And they can always recommend the best spots.

So when travel and tourism brands want to build remarkable digital travel experiences, they’re starting to call Tomo.

Founded last year as a sister company to the wildly popular trip planning startup Roadtrippers, Tomo has built a database, machine learning processes, and a simple suite of APIs to power travel apps, maps, location marketing, you name it.

Strategic Narrative

First we constructed the strategic narrative. To their credit, they recognize the importance of having a strong and consistent company story to lead strategy, sales, marketing, and product. We identified the important aspects of their story:

  • Who really is their customer?
  • What progress are they trying to make?
  • What kinds of changes and trends are creating risk and opportunity?
  • What forces are impeding their progress?
  • Why must they take action now?
  • How does our product help them win this fight?

This is a critical and ongoing exercise. Without it, the tail ends up wagging the dog. In companies who don’t focus on story, decisions for sales, product, and elsewhere are made in silos. Later, management has to try and induce a compelling story for the board, employees, or the public out of these disparate decisions. Those are never inspiring. So we took care to get the first version of this right.

Sales Deck

Next came the sales deck. I helped them translate the strategic narrative into a sales deck system. This included designing and building a custom Keynote theme.

Why? Three things can happen when a sales deck gets made. And two of them are bad:

  • The salesperson designs the deck themselves 😥
  • The salesperson has to wait for a designer to make it 🙄
  • The salesperson builds the deck with customizable, polished blocks 😎

I put together an extensible system of guides, defaults, placeholders, and master slides that reduce the chance of poor design and reduce the time to customizing a deck for a meeting.

This was also accompanied by documentation to help a scaling sales and business development team onboard quickly.

Marketing Site

Lastly, we’ve supported the sales work with a simple but immersive marketing site. Its purpose is to speak to—and help our prospect speak to—the benefits of Tomo for different kinds of folks: executives, engineers, product managers, and the buyers themselves.

An interaction to show the audience the immediate benefit of a simple Tomo API call
A heat map of all 52M places in Tomo’s database
A places of interest shuffle button to immerse the audience in all the cool spots
Plus pricing and lead capture pages

Just like a services company itself, the Tomo site and brand are under frequent iteration. And just like with a service product, our aim is resiliency, not a fleeting and fragile perfection. We’ve given ourselves a strong foundation from which to build however, and Tomo has already seen subsequent sales pipeline improvements.  

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