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Project details

  • Traveler’s Joy,  Spring 2017
  • 39° 6′ 49.8672″ N, 84° 30′ 49.9572″ W

Contributed to

  • Identity design
  • Site design
  • App visual design
  • App interaction patterns

Redesigning the honeymoon registry

Traveler’s Joy is the original honeymoon registry. Since 2004, it has been helping couples around the world avoid boring wedding registries full of blenders and bread makers. Instead, it makes it simple to research, plan, and register for an awesome honeymoon trip.

But it needed a facelift.

My buddy Tony came to me to help refresh the brand identity, the marketing site, and the visual design of the app interface. Visual design isn’t everything, but most people underestimate how important aesthetics are when buyers evaluate something for credibility, trustworthiness, and social signalling. He saw that. So we got to work.

The old stuff

Old logo
Old homepage
Old app interface
Old public registry page

The new work

The updated wordmark
The style guide

We updated the marketing site as well. Beautiful photography, bold headlines, and short simple forms were designed to increase conversion to trial.

A destination guide
Sign up

We also redesigned every pixel of the app interface for creating, sharing and checking out of the honeymoon registry. I was able to help make interaction design improvements, but we gave ourselves the constraint of not requiring any server-side engineering changes just yet. So we focused on client-side work and a clean, responsive interface.

Registry List
Add an Item
The public registry page

Now that we have a visual language created, the next phase of the project will be a major redesign of the product itself. We’ll start from scratch, designing a product experience that even more closely aligns to the jobs to be done of a bride-to-be.  

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